15,300 Crore loans to be provided to the farmers through the DCC bank – Cooperative Minister S T Somshekhar


Today the 67th Cooperative week was organized at the KMF premises at Belagavi. The Cooperative Minister S T Somshekhar had held the presidency of the event.

Speaking at the event the Minister said in the present year through all the DCC banks the sanctioning of 15,300 crore loans has been decided to the farmers.

He added as the appeal has been made to the central for the allocation of 630 crore under the Atmanirbhar Project (self-reliance project). The loan facility will be provided to all that were stuck in hardship at the time of lockdown including the small scale farmers. He informed as the loan will provided through 4 wings.

He appreciated the KMF for its projects that are facilitating the farmers.