1st road of the Smart City looses smartness – darkness, garbage and potholes dance at rage.


Shivbasava Nagar road at Belagavi, which is the 1st ever road constructed under smart city project has lost its glory. The road has become the spot of mismanagement due to the garbage, potholes, one side traffic and is under total darkness as the street lights too have gone off. The locals have expressed too much disappointment about the mismanagement of the road.

Recently form many sides of the town the disappointment about the smart city roads are being heard. The 1st road of Belagavi Smart City has lost all its glory due to the mismanagement. The smart city road has become a reason of public’s anger as there aren’t any street lights, and the road has got pot holes, garbage and mismanaged gutters.

Regards to this a resident of the areas Dr. Basavaraj said the road has been dug too many times since it has been constructed giving varied reasons. He said it is an irresponsible act of the officers in which the public money is being wasted. There isn’t any proper management of the road and that is why the people of the locality feel insecure at the road as the street lights won’t work. The chain snatching cases are limitless. With the name of smart one way road has been constructed. Too much garbage has been collected in the road but yet the officers of smart city haven’t visited the road. He said in total it can’t be considered as a Smart City road or a Smart City project.

The officers themselves aren’t smart said the upset resident at the end. It seems the Belagavi people are losing hope of a real Smart City.