300 acres turned as Govt. land: the farmers protest appealing to correct the mistake.


The actions should be taken against the officers that have made the farmers get deceived from the facilities by recording 300 acre lands of the farmers as govt. land. The errors should be corrected and should be facilitate the farmers as previous appealing such more than 79 farmers of Savadatti taluk’s Chik Ulligeri village set protest in front of the DC office at Belagavi.

Speaking by the time the farmers alleged as due to the technical errors the 300 acre land at the village has been recorded as a govt. land at 2002 and ever since then the farmers are paying for the mistake of the officials. So the errors should be corrected and the farmers should be justified. Severe actions should be taken on the officials that have registered errors and deceived the farmers form the facilities of the govt.

By the time the farmer leaders and the farmers knocked back the officials that have registered the errors.