4 injured and 1 dead at the spot at the terrible accident in the Belagavi-Sangli state highway.


At the Belagavi-Sangli state highway in between Kagwad and Shirguppi a faceoff between a tempo and a tractor had took place and at the same place a jeep and a bike too have hit one another. At this accident a man has caused death at the spot and 4 have been injured severely.

In the midnight of the Monday at around 12:30 a tempo that was travelling towards Belagavi from Kagwad has hit the tractor and the tempo driver namely Parushuram Maruti Patil (34) has caused to death at the spot and among the 12 laborers that were being carried for the cutting of the sugarcane 4 have been seriously injured and have been shifted to hospital.

The Kagwad PSI and the staff have been at the spot since the night and have shifted the injured laborers to the hospital. The locals as well as the Police have reported as this kind of accidents take repeatedly at the time sugarcane pounding season.