6 staff of 3 various colleges tested positive of Corona at Belagavi: recreation of disquiet.


Behind the reopening of the colleges at Belagavi 6 staff of 3 various private colleges have been tested positive of Corona. As per the reports swab of 2026 staff has been tested till now and in those the reports of 250 people has outcome. As 6 members have been tested positive among 250 members the tensed environment has been established.

Speaking in regards the DHO Munyal said for the first three days the testing of the swab of the college staff was held by visiting respective colleges. The health dept. that collected the samples had informed to prepare the list of offline students. Form today the throat swab of the offline students has been started. Not just in BIMS but also in the Primary Health Care Centres as well as in the Commune Health Care Centres the swab will be tested.