A protest by Dalit Conflict Committee appealing for the implementation of Justice Sadadshiv Commission Report.


Appealing as, Justice Sadashiv Commision Report should be implemented with regards to the internal reservation, the violence against the Dalits in the state including the Torangatti of Ramdurga Taluk msut be prevented, should provide justice, the leaders and the members of Belagavi wing of Karnataka State Dalit Conflict Committee have set a protest at the premises of the DC Office of Belagavi and appealed the govt. through the DC.

The report of the Justice Sadashiv Commission was submitted to the govt. at the period of CM Sadanandgouda but still the implementation hasn’t taken place. Appealing as the govt. must provide justice to the Scheduled Cast by the implementation of the recommendations in the report. The violence on the dalits must end. The protestors made oblation against govt. and at the support of the Commision Report and submitted an appeal letter through the DC.

Speaking by the time the State President of the Dalit Conflict Committee said, the govt. must implement the reports of Justice Sadashiv Commission soon; the actions must take place to provide justice to the Madigas. The violence on the Dalits are rising, to prevent this strict actions must take place, the govt. is acting careless even if the dalit is murdered. There had been injustice in Torangatti. A murder has been reflected as a suicide, such acts must be prevented and a proper justice should be provided to the dalit.

By the time many Dalit leaders and members of Dalit Conflict Committee were present.