A protest by family members of the dead in front of Moon Hospital Belagavi


The family members of the dead patient are protesting in front of the moon hospital at Belagavi. They have accused the irresponsibility of the doctors is the reason for the death.

Speaking by the moment one of the relative said, as noticed the symptoms they took the patient to the govt. hospital in the morning when found positive, they took him to the Moon Hospital in regards of providing standard treatment. The doctors admitted the patient but by the afternoon reported the death of the patient. The relatives of the patient are accusing the hospital staff as they didn’t inform the insufficiency of the oxygen due to which the death has occurred, the relatives further said if informed earlier we could have shifted the patient to the other hospital.

The other relative outputted his anger by saying the doctor’s duty is to save the life but for the sake of money they are playing with the lives. The relatives of the patient are demanding for the CCTV footage by the officials.

The doctors haven’t responded properly by the time and have asked to provide some time as the reports are getting ready, the anger of the relatives is at rage, the police officials are trying to bring the situation under control.

The dead body is being carried and the weeping of the beloveds is at top of the sky.