“Aaj mera ghar toota hey, kal tera ghamand tootega” Kangana Ranaut against CM Udhav Thackeray.


Do you feel revenged against me by demolishing my house? Today have lost my house tomorrow your haughtiness will end, states Kangana Ranaut fiercely against Udhav Thackeray the CM of Maharashtra.


Verbal wars against the bollywood star Kangana Ranaut and the Maharashtra govt. is still being continued. The actress who moved straightly to her house from the airport has taken the Maharashtra CM into the verbal charge and has raised a question as “Tujhe kya lagat hey” (what do you feel?). She expressed as she feels as same as the Pandits thrown out of the Kashmir at 90’s, not just in Ayodhya will also make pictures in Kashmir. The Mumbai Corporation moved to demolish the building giving the reasons of violating the rules of corporation. Some of the construction was demolished which became a matter of controversy. The Mumbai court has issued a stay for now but to where the verbal fight will lead must wait and watch.