All the Elections are pride for us – D K Shivkumar counter attacks Kumarswami’s tweet.


KPCC President D K Shivkumar said for them (party) not just the election of any single constituency but all the elections are a pride for them. Might be the main election or the by elections they all are pride for all the parties. He inferred as for all the parties every election becomes a pride not of any single constituency.

Speaking to the medias at his Sadashiv Nagar residency the KPCC President said though by-elections or main elections they all are pride for all the parties. As the previous elections were held the same way this election will be held. He further inferred as “though I’m president but yet a member of the party, we have received appeals for the ticket to compete the election, and the candidate will be finalized after discussing with the leaders.

As a counter attack to the tweet by HDK he said they do their politics and we ours, the same way they do their elections and we do ours.

He further said as we haven’t blamed as the officials have looted amid Corona hardship, the govt. and the ministers have looted. Are only the officials are visible for you? We have said the same in assembly as well. From PPE Kit – purchase of the treatment aids, from the beds – food of the workers, ambulance – food kits in all these the govt. has looted. And this is a known fact for all.