An eye on reduce of illegal activities along with the control over Covid-19 – Ramesh Jarkiholi


Belagavi Dist. Incharge and Minister of Water Reosurces Ramesh Jarkiholi informed the number of positive cases is being raised in the same order the cases being recovered are also increasing in the dist.

Speaking to the medias at Belagavi Minister of water resources and Belagavi Dist. Incharge Ramesh Jarkiholi said, the troublesome Corona is spread worldwide, comparatively in the nation the spread is less. In the state especially Belagavi dist. the reason behind the raise in the cases is the raise of tests being conducted. More numbers of patients are being recovered. Have had a meeting with the authorities, along with the Dist. Administrator the administrators of health dept. are working hard to bring the situation under control. The administrators and the officials will be informed to avail the treatment in the private hospitals as well.

Speaking about the dispute of Piranwadi in Belagavi he said, in the democratic system anyone can pay a visit to Belagavi we can’t restrict anyone from coming, the Belagavi people are able to solve their disputes by themselves and the dispute of Piranwadi has been resolved locally.

The police will take action against those engaged in farming and other activities overlapping the riverbanks. It has been suggested to conduct a survey to distribute relief to the flood victims, said Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi.

Drugs are spread across the entire state. Police have started to take actions. In Belagavi, it is suggested to deeply monitor the sale of the drugs along with Ganja. He further spoke about the tiger gang of Gokak and said it is an illegal gang involved in such activities which are out of law and order and are social perils. The police dept. is going to take strict actions.

In total the actions to get control over the Corona as well as the illegal activities in Belagavi dist. have taken place, said the Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi.