Are you capable of getting the free vaccine to the state public – Ex CM Siddramaiah questions Nalin


By consoling Nirmala Sitharaman the Rajyasabha MP that has been elected from our state, are you able or have that guts to deliver the Corona vaccine freely to the residents of the state, Karnataka where the administration is of your government? Asked the Ex CM Siddramaiah to the Nalin Kumar Kateel.

Taking to the twitter the Ex CM has re-raged a war with the BJP State President Naleen Kumar Kateel. Today with the tweet the Ex CM has raised a question to the Nalin asking about what he has to say about the Nirmala Sitharaman’s generosity of assuring about providing the free vaccine to the Bihar.

It also is a valued question as the Union Finance Minister that has been elected by Karnataka has assured the free vaccine to Bihar instead of her constituency. What the state president has to say about it must wait and watch.