Athani state highway becomes heavy accident spot: leads straight to the death.


With the uncountable pot holes the Athani State Highway has become aprime spot of accidents and deaths. It has become a daily routine of the villagers to note as what accident took place today and how many deaths have occurred. The locals are extremely angry on the public representatives on their silence over the heavy damages of the Sankeshwar-Jevargi state highway. The public is now rising the question as what is the use of being called as a popular MLA or Minister when isn’t able of responding to the public.

The locals alleged as even though the Minister Shrimanth Patil’s sugar factory is on the same ways he too has not paid any attention towards the roads they further made the public representatives remember as the same Athani and Kagwad have been the reason for the end of allied govt. they further alleged as due to the overloaded tractors that carry sugarcane to the factory of Minister Shrimanth the other travelers have to face many problems as the road becomes too short.

They alleged as though there are three impressive ministers at the constituency they aren’t of any use and appealed the Minister Shrimanth Patil to repair the road if not for the public then at least for his own factory vehicles.