Atrocity over the Dalit Corporation member Chandni Nayak by BJP MLA Siddu Savadi and supporters.


The video of atrocity over a, pulling her, pushing over the steps and toddling in total almost manhandling of the Dalit Woman and a Corporation Member Chandni Nayak has gone viral in the social medias. The act has taken place while she was proceeding towards voting for the corporation election. The corporation member Chandni Nayak that has been hurt emotionally as well as physically has appealed for the strict actions against the accusers.

The atrocity performed by the BJP MLA Siddu Savadi and his supporters has hit the social medias and the public is expressing the anger over the MLA and his supporters.

Speaking in regards the Corporation member said the atrocity has taken place while proceeding towards voting as we were about to support the Congress candidates. The MLA and his supporters have not allowed us to vote and have manhandled us. The Police that was present by the time haven’t responded properly at the time and didn’t manage to give us protection.

She demanded for immediate and strict actions against the MLA and the accusers.