B Y Vijayendra won’t be competing at Basavakalyana – Minister S T Somshekhar


The CM Yadiyurappa has said as Vijayendra won’t be competing at the Basavakalyana. Even Vijayendra himself has said as he won’t be competing, said the Cooperative Minister S T Somshekhar.

Speaking to the medias at Dharwad the Minister informed as the seniors of the party will decide as who will be competing at the Basavakalyana.

Reacting to the medias about the meet conducted with the MLAs by Ramesh Jarkiholi he said they all are BJP MLAs and none others with whom the Ramesh Jarkiholi has conducted the meet, there isn’t anything special about it. About the cabinet expansion the CM has sovereign powers; H Vishwanatah is a senior and has experience. Yet the cabinet hasn’t been expanded and the Ministers and the MLAs don’t have any rights to speak about it.

He added as the demise of the journalist Ravi Belagere has saddened us let the god grace the family with the powers to control the pains. Lastly answering about Vinay Kulkarni he said there isn’t any politics in his arrest the CBI is working efficiently.