Bauxite Road and Kangrali area residents set protest and ramp condemning slow process of the Smart-City work.


The residents of Bauxite road and Kagngrali area led by ZP member Saraswati Patil set a ramp protest condemning the slow process of the Smart-City work.

The villagers with the ramp near the APMC gate have been demanding for the speedy completion of the Smart-City road work.

Speaking by the time ZP member of Uchagaon Saraswati Patil said it has been nearly five years they have been demanding for the better road to the area and in the protest for this road once the police have oppressed us and by the time I had broken my hand due to the police oppression. I had previously warned as if it comes to the public I won’t be sitting quite. The administration set for the people if won’t work for the public then what is the use of such administration and the govt. An year back Hebbalkar’s son had visited the area and had assured the speedy completion but yet the work hasn’t been completed.

She added as the Rural MLA Hebbalkar herself has initiated the work but as the work was initiated it hasn’t been completed. She appealed as looking at the public the work should be speedily completed.

Speaking next to her the Village Panchayat member Chetak Kamble said as this ramp was informed a week ago and accordingly it has taken place we also had informed the DC about it as if the work won’t get completed then we would ramp the roads. Today we have set the ramp as any officer till now hasn’t visited the area and shown concern about our appeal. As the road connects to many villages nearby we all have set a massive protest at the area and till the administration responds we will not relieve the protest.