Belagavi, Mahantesh Nagar sector no. 12 residents angry on the Water Board as they suffer for drinking water.


Belagavi, Mahantesh Nagar sector no. 12 people have expressed their anger on the water board and the corporation as the officers of both the departments aren’t responding to their requests properly.

Today speaking to the InNews Belagavi, the residents of the area said they are suffering from this problem since 15 days as there is a leakage at the pipelines. The corporation which is proceeding with the project of ‘Smart City’ is digging the roads and won’t repay a visit to fix those dug roads or to fix the leakage of the pipelines.

The angry residents have come forward to take the workers into charge by the time Belagavi North MLA Anil Benake visited the area and reported many similar issues were being heard like in Hanuman Nagar, Ramtirth Nagar and some other those have been resolved and today the problem of Mahantesh Nagar is being resolved.

He further said the workers of Smart City, Gas Pipelines, and Electricity will dig the road and won’t pay attention towards those nearly for 15 days because of this the public face problems so such works must not get repeated. He further informed the workers to dig the roads only when they can instantly finish the works or else to fix the problems like these within 1 or 2 days.