Big Shock to the KPCC President D K Shivkumar by CBI – onset on 14 various places.


The CBI Officers have given a big to the KPCC President D K Shivkumar early in the morning. Under alleges of illegal money transfer including house and offices the CBI has onset 14 various places.

On the firm information as 50 Lakh rupees has been transferred from Belagavi the CBI has onset the properties belonging to him and have detained 50 Lakh rupees. The CBI has onset the house of D K S’s dear ones Sachin Narayan at Hasan and is verifying the documents.

It is assumed as DKS will be taken into custody for the further investigation. The security around the CBI office at Banglore has been tightened and the officials have also put the barricades in front of the office.