BJP always ignites fire between the Hindu and Muslim – Ex CM Siddramaiah


The BJP mainly works at breaking down of the cast and society, they are continuously igniting the fire between the Hindu and Muslim they haven’t sacrificed anything for the freedom of the nation, said the Ex CM Siddramaiah.

Speaking at the inaugural of the Ghataprabha Sevadal Training Camp he said RSS was born in 1925 and the Jana Sangha was established in 1950, the same way BJP was established in 1980 so there contribution for the freedom are none. They haven’t done any kind of sacrifices. He said the main ambition is to bring down the BJP Govt. form state and central.

He further added as the Congress has been established with the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, what are the pre independence contributions of the Congress? With the ambition of bringing back the glorious days of the period of Jawaharlal Nehru the youth and the members of the party are being trained with the party principles at the Sevadal he said.