BJP senior leaders themselves used to have opium – MLC B K Hariprasad


We are arranging the training camp for the members of Congress, but not in RSS model, there is nothing to learn from RSS. Coming to the point of drugs the BJP members are targeting the minorities, celebrities and women, the BJP senior leaders themselves used to have opium, is an explosive statement by the MLC B K Hariprasad.

After the inspection of under construction building MLC Hariprasad spoke to the medias, about the present political phenomena he fired against the RSS. He said we are conducting training camps state wide, with the lead of KPCC Working President we are already the camps have been started in many areas of the state but they are not as the camps being conducted by RSS we don’t intend to work as RSS and we don’t even have any relation with RSS, we don’t even train our foes as RSS, a union as RSS is never needed to the Congress.

With the own theories of Congress the developmental works are being held, keeping up the history of Congress the national development is our ultimate aim, for this we are training our members. Whenever the congress has held baton it has been a support to someone rather than making someone to open their mouths like other unions.

He further said, there is nothing we should learn from RSS. RSS itself has many things to be learnt from us. RSS is like those who are against freedom. Our batons won’t create any kind of magic, Mahatma Gandhi held baton to support people, but why RSS holds the baton is a worldwide known fact. Now the Congress members are being trained intellectually.

BJP senior leaders themselves used to have opium, and is now targeting Zameer Ahmed, it has become a fashion to the BJP to blame the minorities when any crime or criminal activity takes place in the state. BJP is targeting the leaders of minority community. 1000kg of marijuana was detained in Kalburgi and who was the accuser? To which party he belongs? To which community he belongs? None has raised any question about it. It has become a huge fashion to blame the minority communities not just Zameer Ahmad Khan to the BJP.

In the scriptures of BJP they have written traitors are minorities and communists. Since 1923 the congress is fighting against those who are of fascist attitude. Does drugs means on Sanjana and Ragini? Won’t the men have marijuana and opium? Why only women are being harassed? Are the questins of MLC B K Hariprasad. I won’t say who all are involved in this but to hide their failures the BJP members are targeting the celebrities and charging them as marijuana and opium. In the central to hide the failures of Modi and Amit Shah the Kangana and Rhea Chakraborty’s names are being raised and in the state Ragini and Sanjana’s names are being used to hide the failures.

The celebrities and the minorities are easily targetable so to hide the failures of Covid-19 such efforts are being made.