Breaching the stay orders the contractors proceeds to work at Halga – angered farmers protest in front DC Office at Belagavi.


Making the supportive oblations to the Karnataka State Farmers Union the farmers of various are of Belagavi have united and set a protest in front of the DC Office against the land acquisition by the BUDA.

The farmers of the Halga – Macche bypass road of Belagvi are angry on the contractors and the workers of BUDA as they have entered to proceed with the works breaching the stay orders of the High Court.

Speaking by the time a farmer named Ravi Siddapnavar said; the contractors have breached the orders and have been trying to proceed with the works even today they have entered the yards to proceed with the works though appealed the DC and the City Commissioner no uses have been found. He further said instantly the work must be stopped and the work of road from Fish Market till Goa must proceed. The yards which are being acquired are most fertile and what kind of justice it is to grab those lands. He questioned the administration as whether they are planning for some real estate by grabbing such fertile lands. He further warned he authorities to stop the work otherwise it will lead to a huge protest. He strongly questioned the authorities about the 156 acre lands being acquired under scheme no. 61 and 160 acre under scheme no. 2 as why the fertile lands are being acquired though there are many unfertile lands.

Speaking by the time an old lady asked the authorities as we are highly dependent on the yards and if you grab those form us what should we eat. She strongly alleged as I am an orphan without kid and husband if you take my land then what should I do? The govt. should think about it.

One more local alleged as the works being held in the Halga-Macche bypass road are completely lawless and if they aren’t dropped then it will lead to a severe protest. He further informed as the farmers from the other areas are arriving to the support and they issued a memo to the DC.