Bumps between the Cops and protesters at Belagavi on trying to burn tyre.


The cooperation of Farmers Union, Dalit Sangharsh Samiti, KRV and some other Union has unitedly have called for a statewide Karnataka Bund. As a background to this the Dist. wings of the unions have set a protest in Belagavi as well. While the KRV activists tried to burn a tyre the police officials didn’t allow to it and tried to get the tyre from them. Whilst some bumping took place in between the protesters and the police officials.

A severe altercation took place by the time and a police officer fell down whilst the bumping. Somehow the police officials successfully got the tyre form the protesters after which they went to the Central Excise office and demanded to close the office.

The angry protesters omitted as if you have rice for your hunger then shut the office, if you eat mud then keep the office open. The protesters also omitted slogans against of the state and central govt.