Call for self inspired public curfew from 13-22 of the September at Nippani amid the rise of Corona.


The vendors union at Nippani has decided for self public curfew form 13th September till 22nd September amid the day-day rise of Corona said the leader of vendors union.

The day-day rise of Corona patients in the neighboring state Maharashtra’s Kolhapur dist. has awakened the citizens and the vendor’s organizations of Nippani, the union has called for the self public curfew.

Speaking by the time Sunil Kamble said the villagers of Kurli Gayakanwadi, and Akkol villages have passed self curfew. So the Nippani also has decided for self curfew. Only the emergency service will be available excluding all the other services, so the public must support.

The self inspired curfew is essential for the control of Corona. Being a taluk at the borders Nippani must take additional care due to rise of corona within the state as well as the neighboring state.