Charters for the needys and break to the brokers assured by the MLA Devanand Chavhan : appreciates InNews


2,400 houses were built for the needy under the Rajiv Gandhi Awaas Yojana in the period of 2001-2002 but as most of the beneficiaries didn’t shift to the houses the empty houses were occupied by other needy. The InNews Belagavi had broadcasted a special story of this as the residents were being harassed by the middle agents or the brokers bribing 50,000 for each house.

As an impact to this the Nagthan MLA Devanand Chavhan responding to the report said as he has decided to declare the houses to the residents by giving them the official charters. The incident took place at the Basavanagara which comes under the Nagthan constituency and that is why seeking justice to the victims the InNews team had continuously approached the Nagthan MLA for which he asked for some time to think over it. After this the MLA himself went along with the Vijaypur MLA Basavaraj Yatnal and inspected the area and collected the nitty-gritty of the place.

After all the survey the MLA had called our InNews reporter Vijay Sarwad to meet and has appreciated his work. He informed as it has been decided to give the official charters to the residents and save them from the harassments of the brokers.

In total the MLA had thanked the InNews for its work of opening the eyes of the public representatives about the oppression over the helpless and needy.