CITU insists to stop privatization, and provide security to the Corona Warriors.


A protest was carried by The Centre of Union Trade Unit Union insisting govt. to provide security to the Corona Warriors and to give up the attitude of privatization.

The officials of CITU gathered in front of DC office this Saturday and proclaimed condemning the attitude of privatization of the govt. Through the DC they appealed the govt. to provide 7000 compensation/month, 10kgs of grains/month on each head of the family, minimum 200 days of work and increase of 600rs wages on urban areas. They said the govt. shollud give the whole attitude of privatization.

At the time they spoke to InNews and said the security to the Corona Warriors isn’t being provided. At service if affected the govt. isn’t providing any support for the treatment. The poor warriors who are fighting against the killer virus must be provided with the free treatment.