CM BSY negotiates between Sriramulu and Sudhakar.


Behind the account changes of the Ministers the Health Minister Sudhakar and Social Welfare Minister Sriramulu met the CM B S Yadiyurappa and had healthy discussion. While the time the CM negotiated between both the Ministers.

Speaking by the time the CM consoled both the Ministers as for any reasons you shouldn’t blame one another. If any difference of opinion raises between you two at the time of the by-elections then it will lead to a wrong consumption of the people. It is said as the CM has warned and consoled both the Ministers.

Speaking aftermath the meeting the Minister Sriramulu said I had asked for the Social Welfare dept. but for some reasons the Health dept. was handed to me. Now am happy as the Social Welfare dept. has been given to me, I don’t have any kind of disappointment. He further added as being the doctor by himself the Sudhakar has taken charge of the Health dept. Sudhakar will be more helpful in the more efficient work of the dept. and we will be working united as ordered by the CM.

Next to him spoke the Sudhakar and said Sriramulu is my senior. He is a major leader of the backward classes. As at the backgrounds of cabinet expansion getting delayed the health and medical education dept. had been facing the lack of coordination at the lower level the CM has taken such decision. Moreover the Sriramulu has efficiently handled the health dept. there isn’t dna y question as who has done more. A big responsibility has been laid in front of Sriramulu he hasn’t been demoted but actually has got promotion.