Complete authorities to the Police to Vanish Drugs Mafia – Basavaraj Bommai


We have given complete authorities to the police, whoever the culprits are there are no chances of compromise, said Home Minister Basavaraj Boammai.

Thursday at the Cabinet meeting led by CM Yediyurappa, Home Minister has brought the matter of drugs mafia into the light. He said he has given the complete authorities to the police. He said he already had a meeting with the senior police officers and have given all the proper instructions to vanish the drugs mafia from the state, and have also informed to keep a deep eye on the state boarders.

In the cabinet he made it clear that he has given the complete authorities to the CCB and it will not undergo any political pressure. There is no necessity of forming SIT the CCB itself will handle the investigation. He said the names of few actors and actresses have come forward in which some have already received notice and the investigation is in process.