Congress isn’t getting agents at RR Nagar: R Ashok poked a joke.


The Congress isn’t even getting the booth agents at the RR Nagar, so the victory of our candidate with the difference of 40-50 votes is firm said the Revenue Minister R Ashok.

Speaking about the RR Nagar by-polls the minister said I’m the Incharge of the by-polls at RR Nagar, all the 9 ward corporates have joined BJP from Congress. The Congress leaders should search for the candidates to for booth agents. Even though the KPCC president himself has come to the field they are getting any workers. Moreover in upcoming 4-5 days more leaders from Congress and JDS will be joining BJP. He firmly said as will win by the difference of 40-50 thousand votes and the same way at Sira as well.

Speaking about the FIR on Congress candidate of the RR Nagar he said the FIR has been registered because of violating the rules and it has been the habit of Congress to violate the rules.