Congress party is a commission agent party – strikes Pralad Joshi


Congress is making ill-promoting the agriculture laws, the blood-sucking commission agents are the linchpins of the Congress party alleged the Union Minister Prahlad Joshi.

Speaking to the medias at the Belagavi the Union minister Prahlad Joshi said, Congress is doing the works of agents, the Congress itself had said first as the open market for the farmers will be brought and poked a joke saying Congress says one and does another one.

He further added as the Congress never stands on the words given before the elections, soon with the APMC law, the oppose by Congress has raised, the laws is more beneficial as it provides an open chance for the farmer to sell his produce anywhere he wants. It is a right of a farmer to gain equal price of his produce, to oppose such law there is an agent mind of the Congress.

By the time DCM Laxman Savadi, Chief Wipe Mahantesh Kavatgimath and others were present.