Convocation at Karnataka State Akkamahadevi Women’s University Vijaypur – Only Gold Medalists and PHD Graduates are allowed.


Only the Gold medalist students and the PHD Graduates are allowed to attend the Convocation this time the rest students have been instructed to attend the event through the video conference said the Vice Chancellor of the Karnataka State Akkamahadevi Women’s University Vijaypur Omkar Kakade.

Speaking to the medias the VC said amid Covid-19 the only Women’s University of the state has decided to hold the convocation through the online video conference. Only the students who have gained the gold medals and the PHD Graduates have been invited to the Convocation rest students are inferred to watch the function live through the Youtube Pgaes and the Facebook Pages of the University.

As the safety measure to maintain healthy distance two sub stages have been set, only to receive the shields and the certificates the students will enter the main stage of the convocation and then again they will be departing from the stage informed the Vice Chancellor.