Corruption Abolition Family demands public awareness instead of Helmet mandatory.


Demanding as instead of making helmet mandatory for the backseat traveler the public awareness about the wearing the helmet should be brought, the leaders and the members of the corruption abolition family and they appealed the DC about it.

The Govt. has issued orders making it mandatory for the backseat traveler to wear the helmet mandatorily and the fines are being collected from those who violate the rules. As the middle classes and the poor have been scattered by the hefty fines the govt. should take back the rule and should instead bring the awareness of wearing the helmet. Appealing the govt. as above the Belagavi Corruption Abolition Family issued a memo to the Govt. through the DC.

The leaders and the members appealed as the Belagavi population exceeds 8 Lakh and it is difficult for all the backseat travelers to wear the helmets. The rural locals and the poor are highly dependent on the two wheelers and it is too difficult for them to pay the fines that celebrate grand festivals in the amount referred as a fine for violating the rules. So they appealed the govt. to conduct awareness programme instead of putting fines.