DC rejects the allowance for the Black Day by MES


At the backgrounds of the Pandemic Corona this time the Karanataka Rajyotsava will be celebrated in a very simple manner. The worshipping of the goddess Bhuvaneshwari will be done but there won’t be any procession. Moreover this time the allowance for the celebration of the Balck Day will not be permitted at any cost, said the DC M G Hiremath clearly.

A preliminary meeting was called at the DC office of the Belagavi at the backgrounds of the celebration of Karnataka Rajyotsava on 1st November. At the time silence tribute to the dignitaries that recently passed away including the 1st Kannada Mayor Siddangouda Patil and the Union Minister Suresh Angadi was held.

The Kannada pro Organization leaders that attended the meeting objected as the Kannada Rajyotsava isn’t celebrated at the Marathi Medium Schools on November 1st. speaking next the KRV Dist. President Deepak Gudaganatti said on the day of Karnataka Rajyotsava a celebration will be on one side and on the other side the black day will be celebrated and demanded the DC to inform his firm decision about not allowing the celebration of the Black Day.

The DC replied as the allowance for the celebration of the black day won’t be given at any cost and guided the Kannada pro organizations about the procedure of the celebration and the guidelines related to it after the explanation of the pandemic situation.