DCM Govind Karjol becomes the target of MLA Devanand Chavan’s anger


It has been 3 months since the road works have been granted Nagthan till the Minchinal but the DCM that has been invited as for the Bhumi Pujan (Initiation deity) of the road doesn’t have time to spare for it and that has been the major reason for the anger of the people of that particular reign. The MLA Devanand Chavan outputted his anger saying as the other roads that were started with that particular road have already been accomplished.

Addressing the medias at the Vijaypur the MLA said from more than a year a single penny hasn’t been granted to the Nagthan constituency as well as the other projects that were granted by the allied govt. too have been held up. It’s been three moths the DCM Govind Karjol has been assuring as he himself will be arriving to the Bhumi Pujan of the road but yet there are no clues of his arrival, saying this entire he expressed his anger.

He alleged as the DCM didn’t arrive to visit the flood affected areas and raised a question as what kind of justice it is to declare 25,000 to the victims of Banglore and just 10,000 for the victims of North Karnataka.