DCM Govind Karjol Press meet, says about 1600 Cr Loss for the State.


At the press meet after the progress verification session DCM and Minister of Public Works Dept. Govind Karjol informed said, as per the details collected today at the meet the total loss occurred for the state this year costs around 1600 cr. which includes the damages of 2142km roads, 425 bridges and other properties.

He said under the grants of 202 cr. nearly 835 works have been undertaken in which 213 works have already been progressed and 22 works are under process. For the temporary repairs 256cr. is needed in which have sanctioned 175cr. yesterday. Have informed the chief engineer to call for the tenders before 8th of September and in the same way even have informed the officers of Dharwad to call for the tenders by 7TH and 8th of September.

He further said that 9,603kms of the state highway has been upraised as the national highway; the same way 15,509kms of village road has been upraised as the state highway. Talking about the drugs mafia he said, nothing can been revealed at interrogation level as soon as the investigations reach the proper level every truth of the case will be put forward. Finally he said that the works of road repair related to the Public work dept. will be completed.