Death of Subedar Vrijeshkumar that was injured in an accident: Cremation at Belagavi with all the Govt. Honoraries


Subedar Vrijeshkumar of Maratha Regiment that was injured in a road accident at Ganeshpur of Belagavi has passed away due to the failure of the treatment on Thursday. His cremation was held at the Vaikuntha Dham of Sadashiv Nagar the same day afternoon with all the Govt. honoraries.

There are en numbers of ditches and pot holes at the streets of Ganeshpur. 2 days back when Subedar Vrijeshkumar (41) passing by the streets had lost his control over the two wheeler and had fallen off from the bike and had got some severe injuries. He was hospitalized but as the treatment didn’t succeed he last breathed on Thursday morning.

The cremation of Subedar Vrijeshkumar Krishnan was held at the Vaikuntha Dham of Sadashiv Nagar where the dignitaries of the Army paid their last tributes.

It is said as the Subedar had served very efficiently and was about get retired after 4 more years.