Demanding the stoppage of illegal sand business the Karnataka State Farmers Organization sets protest.


The illegal sand business at the Padalwadi forest area of the Khanapur taluka is running on top. Demanding as the govt. should take immediate actions on the guilty and should preserve the environment the Karnataka State Farmers Organization appealed the govt. through the DC holding a protest at the DC office premises.

The protesters alleged as the officials have sit with their eyes shut over the crime of destructing the environment and also expressed their suspicion as the crime is taking place at the visions of the officials. With all this the protester appealed the govt. for the strict actions against the illicit and requested to preserve the forest environment.

Speaking by the time the President of the Organization Gangadhar Dodamani said the Padalwadi forest is being destructed through the illegal sand business. A huge amount of sand has been stored due to which the flow of the water at the brook has also been reduced. The immediate actions against those that are responsible for this should be taken.