Developmental attitude at rural public: MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar


The Belagavi Rural MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar on Thursday transferred 12 Lakh rs from the MLAs funds for the rejuvenation of the Laxmi temple at Bendigeri Village. After handing over the cheque to the temple committee she said the rural public is pro the developmental attitude. They always are supportive and encouraging. It really thrills to work and more when have such support and encouragement.

She added as it is surprising as the areas haven’t been developed whilst such support is there, and there won’t be any other reason than that of the carelessness of the previous MLAs. She raged against them for not developing the areas while the developments are the basic rights of every single human being.

She further added as the rural public treat me as their daughter and it gives me immense pleasure to work with and work for such people. She appealed for the same support in future.

The villagers felicitated the MLA ad her brother Channaraj Hattiholi.