DG&IGP Praveen Sood assures of making Karnataka Drug Free State


A huge sound and discussions are being heard about the Drugs Mafia in the state and Sandalwood. Speaking relatively to the media in Vijaypur the DG&IGP Praveen Sood said, it has been decided to make Karnataka as the drug free state and soon the state will be drugs free.

The actions have been taken in the State capital as well as the other respective zones. Already an amount of the drugs has been seized from many zones, to cut down the drugs mafia have already given orders to IGP and the SPs of all the respective zones.

It is not an issue that Karnataka is attached to many other state boarders through which the drugs is being imported we have already discussed about how deal with this matter and to bring down the level of drugs to zero. He further expressed his hope about the success of the police operations and soon turning the state into completely drug free State.