Difference of Opinion aroused in the Vijaypur BJP: disappointment against the Basangouda Yatnal


The difference of opinion which was only known by the Vijaypur public is now being noticed by the state govt. as well. Whereas all the other BJP members are noticed on one side the Yatnal is always noticed on the other sides.

The hidden war between the BJP members of the Vijaypur has been there since long but nowadays the Vijaypur MLA Yatnal has been openly firing statements against the CM which has become a reason of redning of many eyes.

Speaking in regards the Ex Minister Appasaheb Pattanshetti said Yatnal is an immature politician. Ones he praises the CM and ones demotes him totally. In total we can say he speaks just. Where all he has bent his head during the elections we all know about it but we can’t keep giving explanations about it. He added as the Yatnal is intending to misguide the by-polls. It was unexpected that he became a union minister; it was due to other’s credits that he has become minister and been regarded as a national leader. He further fired as the Yatnal isn’t a national leader neither is he a state leader and moreover he isn’t a leader of the Vijaypur in a singular tone. The Ex Minister is now demanding to take severe actions on the MLA Yatnal.