Distribution of the compensatory cheques worth 30 Lakh to the civic workers that died due to Corona.


The member of the National Safai Karmachari Commission Hiremani visited the Belagavi and distributed the compensatory cheques to the family members of the civic workers that passed away due to Corona and informed about the measures taken towards the welfare of the Safai Karmacharis by the Govt.

Speaking to the medias aftermath of the distribution of the cheques Hiremani said, everyone has joined hands towards the prevention of the Corona. In this the safai karmacharis work is as equal as the doctors, nurses, police and the journalists. Today the cheques worth 30 Lakh have been distributed to the families of the safai karmacharis that passed away due to Corona.

He further added as the govt. taken many initials towards the development of the safai karmacharis. The habits of feces carrying are still alive in the nation. At this background the govt. had informed to conduct a survey at the 120 districts of the nation, in this the 11 districts are Karnataka are being surveyed. Belagavi is one of those districts. According to the survey 47 such members have been identified. As per the govt. scheme for the maintenances 40 thousand to the each account is about to be added. And this will be the one time settlement.