Don’t open the Schools for now – Experts Advice to the Govt.


A severe discussion of reopening the schools and colleges has taken place in the state. The experts have expressed their opinion as for now it isn’t apt to reopen the schools and colleges. Not just that the state govt. as well hasn’t taken any decision regarding the reopening of the schools and colleges.

The infected cases of pandemic Corona is raising day by day in such case if reopened the schools then there are chances of Corona reaching the doorsteps of the houses through the children. So it’s better not to take any risks with the lives of students. It is dangerous to reopen the schools without the decrease of the Corona warned the experts to the state govt. So the schools won’t open in this month as well the opening on the next month as well is doubtful.

The Health dept. has submitted the reports to the Education dept. as well and has informed as it isn’t apt to reopen the schools this month.

In short it is said as only after the suitable discussion with the parents, teachers and the experts the state govt. will be taking the decision.