Dr. K Sudhakar vs Priyank Kharge Speech War on the matter of bringing back the migrant laborers.


A verbal skirmish aroused among the Minister Dr. K Sudhakaran, Congress MLA Priyank Kharge and U T Khadar about the calls by the PM like Clapping and Lightening while the time of Lockdown.

In the Tuesday’s session many opposition leaders including Ex CM Siddaramaiah, KPCC President D K Shivkumar alleged as the state govt. has completely failed to get control over the Corona. With regards to this at the beginning of Wednesday’s session the Medical Education Minister Dr. K Sudhakar said, with the regular efforts of doctors, staffs, police, civil servants, officers, various unions and organizations and the public representatives in the last 7 months the deaths due to Corona has been decreased. Many actions have been taken to control the spread of Corona.

He further said at the beginning the lockdown was imposed for the preparation of the fight against the Corona. And when he said as the PM called for clapping and lightning for the awareness of corona suddenly the opposition leaders U T Khadar and Priyank Kharge expressed severe oppose. They questioned how the purpose of lockdown was fulfilled by making the people come out in the groups? And what was a scientific reason behind it?

When Sudhakar continued saying as our govt. has taken proper actions to get control over the spread of Corona, due to the arrival of the migrant laborers the number of patients has been raised. Can we leave them there itself. By the time Priyank Kharge interrupted and said on March 28, he wrote a letter to the CM about bringing back the migrant laborers of Karnataka to which he hadn’t replied anything. If discussed in all party meeting why any actions weren’t taken. He expressed anger saying the govt. has failed to bring back the migrant laborers at the right time.