Dreadful Bike Accident takes 3 lives: deaths leading to suspicions of murder.


Early morning the dreadful accident due to the face off of two bikes has taken away 3 lives away at the Dindawar village of Basvanbagevadi taluk of Vijaypur. Two victims were dead on spot whereas one left away at the hospital due to severe injuries.

According to the sources it is noted as the victims were the residents of Afazalpur village of Kalburgi dist. that were travelling towards the Anjandri Hills of Koppal dist. they were 6 friends that were travelling to the pay visit to the Anjaneya temple at the Anjanadri Hills as it was Saturday whilst the bike got hot with another bike coming speedily form other direction near Dindawar, due to the accident and the petrol of the bikes spilled over and the bikes got ignited.

The suspect who passed away at the hospital has been indentified to be the resident of the Afazalpur namely Kumar Balkundi (22) the other two victims haven’t been identified yet. The deaths are leading to many suspicions as the victims haven’t got any other injuries than their heads and the bikes got burnt.

Regarding the accident a compliant has been registered at the Basavanbagevadi Police Station and the accompanied travelers are being enquired.