Education minister Sureshkumar defends the Vidyagama Project.



In the whole nation the Vidyagama Project is indentified as an idol initiative. None should have a second thought about the usage and the safety measures adopted at it said the Education Minister Sureshkumar defending the Vidyagama Project.

The opposition leaders have forced to stop the Vidyagama Project as the Corona is spreading to the students and the teachers. Reacting to it the education minister said around 47 Lakh students are beneficial under the project, there is no such information yet as due to the project the Corona is spread. Still the verification of the project will be done and the proper decision will be taken said him.

At home quarantine after the treatment of the Corona the education minister has reacted to the allegation of the oppositions saying as it isn’t firmly confirmed as due to the project the Corona is being spread, around 47 Lakh students are getting benefits of the project especially the economically and socially weaker sections. To stop such project the demands are being heard.

Designed very scientifically this project is taking forward the education of the weaker students, this project is very helpful in a overall development of the students by making the friendly bond between the student and teacher.

Not just that it is also helpful in the development and maintaining of the mental and physical stability of the students.