Electrical poles in between of the gutter at Belagavi – RC Nagar Locals Resentment.


The locals of the Rani Chennamma Nagar Belagavi have expressed resentment about the gutter works at their areas s a very unscientific method of the construction is being preceded by the workers. The workers have kept the electrical poles in between the gutters and are concretizing the gutters the locals have appealed the officials to look properly towards the work.

The locals who were happy as they were witnessing some works in their area but they are now angry as why such work has been taken, the locals have expressed as situating the electric pole in between the gutter may create problems to the water flow.

A retired superintendent engineer resident of the RC Nagar 1st stage spoke by the time and said there are complaints of the water board and the electricity board conducting such works many a times and only they must answer to these alleges on them. The locals are interested in resolving the problem by speaking to the officers of the respective boards. The officials must respond to the public interest.

We hope the corporation and the electricity boards respond to this unscientific construction of the gutters.