Exertion is essential for the effectiveness of life – DC M G Hiremath.


Spending days isn’t life, if the spent day enable man to be powerful only then it is the effectiveness of life. Continues exertion is essential for the effectiveness of life said the DC of Belagavi M G Hiremath.

Friday an event was organized at a private hotel for the release of the book by Dr. D N Misale and Prof. A G Manoj prepared for the B.Sc 1st semester students. The DC released the book and then spoke as this achievement of Dr. D N Misale is really appreciable. It’s not easy to publish a book and hand it to the students. And further he shared his experiences as a student of Physics subject.

Speaking next to him the author of the book Dr. D N Misale said publishing only the book wasn’t our aim, publishing such a book which can move the phobia of the subject and grow interest in the students was our ultimate aim. He expressed his hope as such a book this will become and he also thanked the DC for releasing the book.

Speaking by the time the HOD of the Physics Dept. RCU B G Hegde said it is a glad moment as a DC who studied Physics as a major subject has released the physics book of the students.

By the time all the professors of Physics dept were present.