Farmers appeal to resolve the problem of drainage water flow from Bellary Nala into the yards.


Every time in the rainy season the drainage water from Bellary Nala overflows into the yards causing the huge loss of crops even this time the water has rushed into hundreds of yards and has caused the loss of many crops including paddy. The farmers who have faced the loss have appealed to compensate.

The visions of river like yards becomes common in Belagavi at every rainy season even this time the same visuals are available in hundreds of yards besides of Vadagavi – Yarmal road. The yards have turned to be rivers with the huge amount of water collected in them. The farmers are facing a huge loss of paddy and other crops due to the Bellary Nala and the drainage water which comes through it because of the cracks in the Nala. The yards have been filled with the drainage water and the whole area has become stinky.

The locals and the farmers are angry on the officials and the public administrators as they have sat eye closed even when the farmers are facing the same problem ever time in the season. They have appealed the govt. as it is very difficult to manage the losses when already in credits and how could we lead a peaceful life if the same keeps repeating they have pleaded the govt. to look after the dispute seriously which they face because of the mismanagement of the Bellary Nala.

Will the govt. and the officials look up to the resolving of the dispute must wait and watch.