Felicitation of the Corona Warriors by the Metgud and Kasbekar Hospital


The staff and the doctors of the Metgud and the Kasbekar hospital were felicitated for their efficient services at the critical conditions of the pandemic Corona.

The pandemic corona had created havoc all over the world by widening its killer arms. The number of the deaths was rising day by day and the public was trembling without proper medication anywhere. At the time the hospital staff has efficiently served the other patients by looking forward as they must not get caught in the clutches of the corona as well as serving the covid-19 patients.

On behalf of their valued services the staff was felicitated on Sunday evening in a program led by the DR. B H Metgud.

Speaking by the time Dr. B H Metgud said the doctors and the staff of the Metgud and Kasbekar hospital has served the covid-19 patients as well as the other patients days and nights. It won’t be right saying as only the doctors have served the patients the doctors as well as the whole staff members have made restless efforts to cure the patients. The doctors and the staff is being felicitated for their valued service and the notable service that they have provided is really appreciable.