For the first time a serious investigation about the drugs mafia in the state – Minister Of Tourism C T Ravi.


A serious investigation is taking place to vanish drugs mafia form the state. The new dimensions like love jihad. Terrorism and drug web have come out while the investigation, the teams are investing in every dimension of the mafia said the Minister Of Tourism C T Ravi.

Speaking to the medias in Manglore the minister said it is for the time such serious investigation about the drugs racket has taken place in the state. Not just Prashant Sambargi anyone who knows anything about the racket please do inform the police, Ex CM Kumarswami has said he too has the information about the racket he too could share the information to the officers only then it is possible to break apart the racket.

He further said, even in the dimensions of the information of Pramod Mutalik and Shobha Karandlage the investigation is proceeding he informed whoever is involved in the case the investigation will be taken very seriously.