Get me 4 gold Bangles if we get the reservation for the Panchamasali community – MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar open challenge.


The MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar demanded as the CM and the Central Govt. must provide the 2A reservation for the Panchamasali Community or else next time with the Congress Govt. at the power will surely bring the reservations challenged openly at the protest deck of the Panchamasali at SuvarnaSoudha of Belagavi.

Taking part at the protest at the SuvarnaSoudha she demanded for the serious actions by the state and the central govt. at providing the reservations to the Panchamasali community, and expressed her faith as the CM will be taking required actions. She appealed the influenced BJP leaders to make efforts in regards.

She added as if the MLA Murgesh brings the reservation then she will carrying ‘Kunda’ sweets from her place and challenged him as if he fails at it and she succeeds then he has to get her 4 gold bangles. She added as the challenge is not put for the name but for the community.