Govt. isn’t having willpower to hold cabinet session at Belagavi’s SuvarnaSoudha said the KPCC Working President Satish Jarkiholi.


Addressing the medias on Saturday at Belagavi he said cabinet expansion and the altering of CM is left to the Govt. and to show the loopholes of the govt. is our duty. Without waiting for the downfall of the BJP govt. the Congress is preparing for the upcoming elections by selecting new presidents.

With the CLP meet 6-7 topics have been decided to discuss in the session attractively. The efforts are being made to strengthen the party. We are working towards resolving the problems of the public. The members are being trained and we wish to bring our party to power.

The reports must be collected by forming the official’s team about the encroachments of riversides and should be discussed in the cabinet. The session should be held at Belagavi as it will be helpful to raise the issues of the zone. Instead of shifting the offices to the SuvarnaSoudha they must be shifted at the DC office premises with the construction of new 5 storey building which will make convenience to all. If the govt. thinks of shifting the offices to the SuvarnaSoudha then the officials won’t show the willpower to come to the offices.

He further informed as for the inaugural of the Belagavi City Congress Office the Opposition Leader Siddramaiah, KPCC President D K Shivkumar, S Patil and many other will be arriving.

By the time the Congress Rural President Vinay Navalgatti and others were present.